Data recovery server - raid systems


You can of course get data recovered via Ahlberg data also after a hard drive crash in a data server.

"Striping" is common in a data server with raid. The data files are divided into file fragments that are spread over at least two - but more often several different hard drives. No complete files can be found or recovered from any of the individual hard drives in the raid array. In the data reconstruction process the file fragments are put together from the different hard drives to once again form functioning folders and files.

This is often a complicated task because of the vast number of different raid controllers on the market. They all work with slightly different parameters. Everything must match perfectly to make the files work. Therefore a more extensive, thorough and precise analysis must be made compared with the case of a single crashed hard drive. But if there are not too many bad sectors on the different hard drives in the raid we can usually produce a very good result.


Source: Wikipedia

Avoid manipulating with the hard drives. We strongly recommend to do nothing with the hard drives after the crash has occured. Just take them out and mark them with their number in the raid array. Many clients try to rebuild the raid, but it doesn´t usually save the situation. On the contrary. it often makes our job more difficult and reduces the chance of a complete recovery. The optimum is to leave the raid just as it is after the crash - it gives us the best chance to recover your data. If everything is handled professionally we can often recover 100 percent.

Delivery in 2-5 working days

It usually takes a little more time to recover data from a crashed server compared to a single crashed hard drive with complete files. 2-5 working days is the normal delivery time, but it can sometimes take a bit longer - if it´s a complicated case and if the hard drives have been manipulated. The cost is usually 500 - 900 Euros per disk in the raid. If there are more than three hard drives in the raid we usually offer a quantity discount.