Data rescue - the hard drive crash is painful but we can more often than not restore the data


After the hard disk crash the hard drive is unusable. It can´t be started normally and there is no access to the data. It´s a very frustrating feeling, which anyone who has experienced it knows too well. But data that remains on the storage media inside of the hard drive kan be recovered, even if it´s impossible to reach it the normal way.

To begin with Ahlberg data will find out for you what has gone wrong with the hard drive and exactly what needs to be done with it to restore the data. A diagnosis, which includes a thorough examination of the hard drive and the data partition(s) on it, costs 160 Euros. (Private consumers can get a discount). This cost is included in the price if you want to go ahead with the data recovery after the diagnosis.


The chance is very good that we can perform a succesful data recovery for you. Very few crashed hard drives are "hopeless" cases.

The diagnosis/examination of the hard drive usually takes from a couple of hours to in the worst case a couple of days. Normally you will get a first notice from us within 24 hours from when we have received the crashed hard drive. Watch out for companies that charges very little or nothing for the diagnosis. Often the diagnosis isn´t really done. The "easy" cases are picked out and the rest - the difficult jobs - aren´t taken care of at all. If you´ve got a negative notice somewhere else, without any details, please don´t hesitate to contact us for a second opinion. Often we can solve problems that others say is impossible to do anything about.

The total cost för a complete data recovery via Ahlberg data is in most cases 550 - 990 Euros. The diagnosis fee included. There are however extreme cases where the cost can be higher than that. Please read more below about data rescue in lab/clean room. Our price lists you find to the left in the Service Forms for Enterprise respective Consumer.

You get your recovered data delivered usually within 2-3 days. There is also an express alternative where we put highest priority on the job and usually deliver within 24 hours. This is not always possible though. The time of the data recovery depends a lot on how badly the hard disk (and the data storage media inside) is damaged.

Data rescue in lab/clean room

In some cases it´s neccesary to first open the hard drive in a clean room environment and do surgical operations inside it - for instance replace failing components (or do other advanced repairs) before the data recovery can be performed. If this is the case and spare parts need to be located and purchased the time of delivery may sometimes be a bit longer than normal. In most cases though we can deliver within a couple of days even if the data recovery is complicated.

The pdf-documents in the left column contains complete price lists, service forms and advice about packing and shipping. Just put the filled out service form in the package together with the hard drive when you send it to us.