Ahlberg data saved Carolas songs from the hard disk death

Ahlberg data saved Carolas songs from the hard disk death

A serious mechanical hard disk crash almost forced famous Swedish singer Carola Häggkvist and her crew to start recording the latest album from scratch again - just before singing in the english version of the winning Swedish song "Eternity" for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens 2006. There was no backup and no time left for rerecording everything.

Ahlberg data solved the problem and performed a data recovery of all recorded songs in less than 24 hours. The record company saved a fortune and there was no delay in getting the gold selling album out on the market.

You can also get your data back from the crashed hard drive in most cases within 1 - 3 working days via Ahlberg data. To a very reasonable cost compared to other full service data recovery companies in Scandinavia.


The chance that you get the very most of your important data back after the hard disk crash is very good with our methods. We solve all kinds of hard drive problems in our own data recovery lab in Nacka, just outside of Stockholms City. We don´t need to send hard drives outside the country like other Swedish and Scandinavian data recovery companies do.

Ahlberg data also has highly educated personnel with a minimum of Technical University degrees (Engineer status). We have exclusive knowledge in how to perform surgical hardware operations inside different kinds of hard drives and advanced software reconstruction tools for repair of severely corrupted or broken data partitions.

Sending a crashed hard drive to Ahlberg data for data recovery is quite easy - especially within Scandinavia and the EU-region. Companies with an EU-registration number (VAT) is not charged for sales tax. Choose an international transporter that ship packages door to door, for instance DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex. Or go to your local Postal Service Office. The Postal Service is often the cheapest and it usually works well. Please click on the link for Enterprise respective Private if you want to send a hard drive to us for data recovery. You´ll find a service form, complete instructions and the price list in Euros.


Todays hard drives are faster and stores much more data than before. But at the same time the basic construction hasn´t really changed at all. More and more data is squeezed in on the same limited storage space. That gives much less margin for errors, which is why todays hard drives crashes and go broke in a larger scale than ever before. Luckily though, most of the data that has been stored on the crashed hard drive can usually be restored after the disk crash if a specialist company like Ahlberg data is consulted.

It´s a good advice to not try by yourself to extract data out of the crashed/broken hard drive - or experiment with software you can find via the Internet. The risk of adding more damage to the hard drive and the storage media inside of it is very big. It can result in less data being recoverable or none at all. To leave the hard disk to us as untouched as possible after the crash gives the best chance of getting as much as possible of the lost data restored in working condition.

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